CSA Shares

Our version of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an arrangement between eaters and farmers whereby the eaters pay up-front for a season's worth of fruits and vegetables. The farmers then deliver weekly “shares” of produce to pick-up sites convenient to you. 

Over the 22 weeks of our summer CSA  the contents of your share change with the passing of the seasons. We plant numerous varieties of over 40 different crops and take care to provide you with a pleasing variety each week.

There are plenty of staples (carrots, onions, broccoli, tomatoes), a fair share of the sweet stuff (melons, strawberries, corn), a free-choice selection of fresh culinary herbs and a smattering of the exotic (fennel, shallots, escarole) to keep things interesting for the adventurous cook. Our nearby proximity to you means you get the freshest possible produce and also allows us to introduce you to flavors, colors and textures of produce that simply can't be found in ordinary grocery stores.

Each week during the CSA season you will receive an emailed newsletter which lets you know what produce your share will include and tells stories of goings-on around the farm and around the world of agriculture.

Signing up for a share involves printing and filling out our sign-up form (link below) and mailing it along with either partial or full payment to our address: 1301 County Route 31, Lisbon, NY 13658.

CSA Sign Up Form

Pickup Times and Location:  Shares begin in mid-June, with the ripening of our strawberries, and run approximately 22 consecutive weeks until the beginning of November. You may pick up your share in one of several locations

- Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in Canton at the Canton Farmers Market.

- Tuesdays from 8am until 6pm in Potsdam, a block West of Canton Potsdam Hospital.

- Fridays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. in Madrid at the CFC.

- Frazer Computing, Inc. in Canton (Fridays)

Full Share

Each week from June to November you receive a quantity and variety of produce suitable to feed a couple who are enthusiastic cooks, a family with herbivorous children or that could be split between two households.

We will again include sweet apple cider from Kaneb Orchards, of Massena, NY, in your Autumn shares. A Full Share costs $600.

Early July

1 quart strawberries
2 heads broccoli
1 head Napa cabbage
1 bunch scallions
1 lb sugar snap peas
1 head lettuce
4 zucchini
1 bunch dill

Early September

3 lbs. carrots
2 sweet onions
2 lbs. tomatoes (various)
6 ears corn
2 cantaloupe (various)
2 peppers/eggplant
1 bunch basil

Late October

1 winter squash (various)
2 leeks
1 head cauliflower
8 oz spinach
4 lbs potatoes (various)
2  garlic bulbs
1 celery root
1 head green/red cabbage
1 Gallon Apple Cider

Flower Share

Beginning in June and ending in September, for 10 consecutive weeks, you will receive a bouquet grown and arranged by us each week.  The varieties in each bouquet change as the season progresses. Early season highlights include; dianthus, lilies, ageratum and delphinium. In mid-season you can expect zinnia, tithonia, larkspur, salvia, scabiosa and cosmos.  Later you'll enjoy rudbekia, lisianthus and sunflowers, among others. Our flowers are picked the evening before you receive them, refrigerated overnight and delivered fresh and perky so that most of the blooms will remain attractive for at least seven days.

A Flower Share costs 100$.  We offer a limited number of flower shares so latecomers to the produce shares may not be able to reserve a flower share also.

Flower Share Gift Certificates are available.

flowers on table

Winter Share

The Winter Share begins in November, just before Thanksgiving, and ends in March. You will receive a share of produce every other week during this time. At each of the 9 pick-ups we offer many cold storage staples such as onions, potatoes, carrots and squash in a mix-and-match fashion. Special items like frozen vegetables and fruit, pesto, pickles, berry jam and sweet apple cider will be offered in specified amounts. Colorful summertime favorites like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and sweet corn which come from frozen storage are a much loved feature of our Winter CSA. The shares will be comprised largely of our own certified organic produce but some items we offer like cider, cranberries and blueberries will come from local farms which use conventional production methods.

We offer the Winter Share in one size.  The cost for a Winter Share is $450.

Pick up locations are at the Presbyterian Curch on the Park in Canton, at 6 Pioneer St. in Potsdam, as well as on the farm.

Payment: We know that Thanksgiving is a long way off, but it is crucial for the successful planning of this offering that participants speak for a share by mid-June. You may hold a winter share by sending us a $50 check or you may pay the full amount at once. Full payment, however you choose to arrange it, is due by mid November.

Shares will contain a combination of the following...

14 lbs. Combined

Cabbage (3 varieties)
Winter Squash (many varieties)
Radish (various)

From the freezer

Sweet Corn
Colored Peppers



Apple Cider
Strawberry jam
Basil Pesto

Payment Method

The deadline for full payment of all share choices is the first day of delivery. Summer and flower share deadline is mid-June. Winter share deadline is mid-November. You can reserve a share by making a partial payment. You may pay in one sum or in installments of your devising. We are also collaborating with GardenShare, a local nonprofit, to offer a subsidized share. The good folks at Gardenshare will help you apply for this program which gives qualifying households a portion of the cost of a share. Please call them for details at 315.261.8054. If you work for Canton Potsdam Hospital, you are eligible for a $100 cost-share sponsored by the Hospital for vegetable shares, summer and/or winter. Please indicate your employment with CPH on your sign-up form and adjust your total payment accordingly.

Folks considering the Winter share are encouraged to reserve a share with a partial payment as early as possible since preparations for these shares begin in June. We are not able to accept payment by credit card. Please pay by check.
If you are unable to pick up your share, please make arrangements for a friend, neighbor or family member to do so. We do not offer a refund if you are unable to pick up your share.

Please Consider...

Shareholders should understand the uncertainty inherent in agriculture. Though we make every effort to bring each item we plant to a state of ripeness or maturity, innumerable problems have the potential to befall some crops each year so that they are either available in short supply or not at all. Shareholders should be confident that they will receive full value for their share and that short crops or crop failures of one or two items never jeopardize the arrangement as a whole. In 14 years we have never failed to provide full value for the CSA, and have never resorted to overloading you with bumper crops to do it.