Our Story

The Kents are Dan and Megan, Maggie (16), Silas (11) and Hazel (9). Our farm is located a few miles east of the St. Lawrence River in the town of Waddington, NY. We are proud to neighbor with an above-average group of folks including an organic dairy farm family which takes good care of their cows and their 800 acres, covering most of the land to windward from our farm.

In 2017, our 15th year, the garden will cover about 24 acres.  Besides the various family members who lend their hands to our work, we hire the help of three full-time seasonal workers from Mexico and Haiti via the H2A visa program, as well as our packinghouse manager Becky, from Canton, NY. 

Though we farmed for our first eight years with the help of draft horses, the humans involved with the farm are now supported by tractors and a mixture of tools and machines ranging in sophistication from wheelbarrows and hand hoes to vacuum precision seeders and a mechanical carrot harvester. We test the quality of our irrigation and wash water annually and are certified organic by NOFA-NY, LLC. 

Dan, originally from Henderson, NY, moved here in 2003 following some years as a cargo-bicycle courier in California, a sternman on a lobster boat and a farm apprentice in Maine. Megan, originally from Bemus Point, NY, had apprenticed at several farms in Maine and Vermont, managed an organic growers cooperative, and worked as a baker before joining forces with Dan, first in Heuvelton and now here at our Lisbon address. Currently, Megan is an avid marathon runner and works at the Potsdam Food Co-op in Potsdam, NY. When Dan isn't wrestling rutabagas, he loves to read and pursue the rare and toothy St. Lawrence river Muskellunge.